Erkang starch capsule new debut CBME China Pregnancy and Baby exhibition

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In recent years, with the full liberalization of the second-child policy and the 90s and 95s becoming novice parents one after another, the "child economy" is heating up significantly. In the new era, parents are more willing to spend time, energy and financial resources to improve their children's nutrition and health. According to the "Annual Comprehensive Analysis of China's Internet Maternal and Child Market in 2018", the total online retail sales of maternal and child products in China in 2017 was approximately 387.75 billion yuan, an increase of 32.3% from the previous month. By 2020, the total online retail sales of maternal and child products is predicted to reach 663.72 billion yuan. As a sub-category of the maternal and infant market, the maternal and infant nutrition market has grown significantly. The relatively hot nutritional materials include DHA, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, etc., and the algal oil DHA is supported by clinical data on brain development. It has long been the mainstream of maternal and infant products.

According to Frost & Sullivan data, the market size of maternal and child DHA (algae oil) in 2014 was 3.193 billion yuan, and it increased to 6.586 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 15.6%. The market size is expected to reach 7.536 billion yuan in 2020. , Increasing to 11.957 billion yuan in 2023.

*Data source: Frost & Sullivan, compiled by China Business Industry Research Institute.

With the improvement of health awareness, from nutritional supplements during pregnancy to the "brain gold" for children's growth, DHA has received more and more attention and attention as an important nutrient for the development of the baby's brain and vision. Among the nutrition products for pregnant and infant children, DHA products have grown significantly and there are a wide range of products; consumers have changed from blindly choosing to giving priority to algal oil DHA, turning to whether the rubber skin chewed and taken by children after the age of 3 is healthy, whether the DHA content is sufficient, whether it contains sorbitol, Comprehensive and rational consideration of additional vitamin E and other aspects such as whether the child likes it or not, choose DHA products suitable for the child.

Facing the fierce competition of baby DHA products and the upgrading of terminal consumption, how to create high value-added baby DHA products to stand out in the market?

Su capsule serves 1000+ high-end nutrition brands around the world, is well versed in the international nutrition trend, and is committed to providing customers with more innovative and professional plant capsule nutrition solutions that are in line with the nutrition trend of pregnant, infant and child.

In response to the baby's DHA market trend, in 2020, Suan launches an innovative DHA chewing plant gel candy-Suan DHA powder bean, helping to upgrade the safety of infant nutrition products.

Natural Starch vegetable glue, safer.

Before the age of 3, DHA is often in the form of drops or the parents pierce the rubber to instill DHA into the child’s milk or three meals; after the age of 3, in order to be portable and exercise the child’s chewing ability, it is better to choose the chewing type DHA, but the packaged DHA Is rubber safe? Is it healthy for children to eat every day? It has become the doubt in the minds of many consumers.

The capsule DHA powder bean uses the internationally advanced patented technology of starch vegetable glue. It uses natural tapioca starch vegetable glue, added vegetable glycerin and purified water to make rubber; the starch vegetable rubber is close to human nature, and it is safer to wrap baby DHA.

Vegetarian capsule DHA powder bean is made from natural cassava planted in Cambodia to make starch vegetable glue. From planting to production, it follows the principles of natural, green and environmental protection. There are no pesticide residues, no heavy metals, no preservatives, no fungicides, and no chemical additives in the rubber. 

Protect nutrient activity, more stable.

Fish oil and algae oil DHA are highly active oils, which easily interact with the rubber skin to form cross-links, resulting in the loss of the activity of the contents, and the absorption and utilization rate of the child after eating is reduced.

The cassava starch used in DHA powder bean is made into vegetable glue. Because of its plant inertness, it is not easy to cross-link with fish oil, algae oil and other high-active nutrients. It can safely wrap the nutrients to achieve better absorption and utilization.

Nutritional snacks, children love to eat more.

According to the "Insights into the Trends of Online Children's Snacks Industry in 2020", consumers' demands are concentrated in the three aspects of "health, nutrition, and fun", of which health is the primary concern. Healthy and snack-based nutrition products for babies and children are more willing to be accepted by children and parents.

Vegetarian capsule DHA powder bean, single grain diameter is only 7mm, QQ elastic, soft taste, easy to chew, children love to eat; each contains 35mg DHA, 3 grains meet the daily needs of DHA; portable, for children under 3 years old, The rubber can be pierced and dropped into the three meals. For children over 3 years old, it can be chewed and eaten directly.

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