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A few days ago, plant capsules have once again attracted international attention. An article titled "Vegetarian capsule becomes new trend of international dietary supplement market in 2020" discusses starch plant capsules or the new trend of dietary supplements in 2020. ! Finance, Business Insider: Markets Insider, Seeking Alpha, Canadian Business Journal, European Xpert, Notre Siècle, FinanzNachrichten.de, ADNKronos, Europa Press, PAP and more than 40 countries and nearly 900 international media worldwide.


Compared with gelatin capsules made of bone glue and skin glue extracted from the skin and bones of animals (cattle, pigs, etc.), vegetable capsules can better meet the needs of vegetarians and religious people. And plant capsules are soft and hard capsules made of plant extracts such as tapioca starch. They have natural raw materials, simple, no pollution in the production process, no animal sources, no preservatives, no fungicides (ethylene oxide), and no chemicals. Additives and other advantages. In addition, because of its plant inertness, plant capsules are more suitable for wrapping fish oil, plant extracts and other nutrients that are easily oxidized, helping to protect the nutritional activity of the content.


——Excerpt from "Vegetarian capsule becomes new trend of international dietary supplement market in 2020"


*The article has been translated into 13 languages and reprinted to more than 40 countries and regions around the world


It is understood that according to a latest survey conducted by the International Vegetarian Association, during the COVID-19 pandemic, one-fifth of British consumers reduced their meat consumption, and the demand for vegetarian products was unprecedentedly high. After experiencing the epidemic, consumers began to reassess their health, healthy habits, and related consumption tendencies. Natural, plant, health, environmental protection and other related vocabulary have become extra points for consumers when choosing products. "With changes in consumer thinking, consumers are more willing to choose natural products out of health concerns," said Kathryn Peters, executive vice president of SPINS.


In the field of dietary supplements, people are more optimistic about natural dietary supplements, not only because of the epidemic, but also because of the increasing health awareness of people in recent years, so they actively pursue more natural, healthy and safe products. According to statistics, in the global soft capsule market, plant soft capsules have the fastest growth rate. The compound annual growth rate from 2014 to 2018 was 7.1%, and the growth rate reached a new high of 25% in 2019. Plant capsules have become a good alternative to traditional capsules in dietary supplements and have been vigorously promoted in international high-end dietary supplement brands.


Dietary supplement brands such as Healthy Care, BioBalance, doTERRA, Welgreen, Sam's Club, Colfarm, Benemax, Healtheries, Sports Research have all iterated their products into plant capsules.


At the end of the article, Su Nang was invited to interview with a senior international brand in the plant capsule industry, looking forward to the future of the industry.


"I believe that in the future, companies and brands that use plant capsules in dietary supplements will be very different from those that use ordinary capsules." said the person in charge of VegeGel, the world's largest producer of starch plant capsules.


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