The power of plants: the transformation of a cassava

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With the steady increase of economic income, people are paying more and more attention to active and healthy lifestyles, giving priority to healthy and natural nutrition, and trusting "Better-for-you", "clean label", "organic", "non-GMO", etc. Nutritional products.


In 2020, Nestlé’s Garden of Life will launch a new female multivitamin organic jelly made from organic tapioca Starch instead of gelatin in traditional jelly in China;

In 2019, Amworth launched coconut oil plant jelly candy with tapioca starch instead of gelatin, which was exported to the Middle East;

In the field of soft capsules, the plant capsule technology using tapioca starch as the raw material is becoming more and more mature, and more and more nutrition brands such as Sports Research, Benemax, Colfarm, VeganAlgae, Lyxia, etc. choose starch plant capsules;



Why do nutrition products favor plant-derived capsules and jelly candies?  

Innova Market Insights research shows that 38% of consumers in India, Germany and the UK want to understand the impact of the food and beverage they buy on the planet;

Kantar's "Explore the Inner World of Consumers After the Epidemic" report shows that the importance of "protecting the environment: grateful and protecting nature" has risen from the ninth place in 2019 to the sixth place in 2020;

Not only are plant capsules made of tapioca starch, in recent years, the "plant-derived" characteristics of food and nutraceutical products such as plant eggs, plant yogurt, plant ice cream, etc. have become one of the concerns of people based on personal health and global ecosystems. A trendy lifestyle. "Plant-derived" products have a natural connection with people and bring good feelings; and have great environmental protection significance to the environment and animals; compared with animal-derived products, plant-derived products are more in line with Generation Z's pursuit of healthy diet.


Why choose tapioca starch as a raw material for capsules, jelly candies, etc.?  

Cassava is a plant of the cassava genus Euphorbiaceae. It is native to Brazil and is widely planted in more than 100 countries or regions including Africa, America and Asia. It is one of the three major potato crops, the third largest food crop in the hot zone, and the sixth largest in the world. Big food crops, known as the "king of starch", 65% of the world's total cassava production is used for human consumption, which is the ration of nearly 600 million people.

Not only as a staple food for human beings, cassava is an ancient plant that is more in line with modern healthy diet concepts. After scientific researches have conducted component analysis and value evaluation of its nutrition, they found that:

1. Cassava is a "low GI food". Consuming cassava and its products as a staple food can stabilize postprandial blood sugar, reduce insulin response, reduce calorie accumulation, and prevent obesity;

2. Cassava is rich in minerals and vitamins, and is a food source of vitamin B family, potassium and other nutrients;

3. Cassava is also a good grain substitute for people with gluten allergies;

4. Cassava is a natural food thickener, reducing the use of food additives; 

With the development of the cassava industry, the uses of cassava are gradually diversified, and are widely used in food, beverage, medicine and other fields. Plant capsules using cassava starch as raw materials are one of the innovative technologies in the capsule field.

The tapioca starch extracted from cassava is white, odorless, and has high peak viscosity. It is a suitable raw material for capsules, and cassava is usually grown in a natural way without fertilization and no pesticides during the growth process, which means cassava starch There are no pesticide residues and no pesticides in the raw materials, and the capsules meet the attributes of "clean label".

Completely distinguished from animal-derived capsules, starch vegetable capsules are more natural and human-friendly alternatives.

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