VegeGel 2020|Invite you to meet the Natural Health Products Industry Conference

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From October 21st to 23rd, the 2020 Natural Health Products Industry Conference (CNIC) will be held at the Guangdong (Tanzhou) International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that this conference will take the theme of "Insist on Product Strength and Embrace New Growth", based on science and following professional principles, to carry out forum sharing and discussion, exhibition area display exchanges and experience.

VegeGel capsules, as the world's largest supplier of Starch plant capsules, will be at the Natural Health Products Industry Conference (CNIC) site, booth number: C13, to provide you with more natural and innovative plant capsule OEM&ODM solutions.

Keynote speech sharing

At this conference, the first-line scientists of natural health products at home and abroad, natural functional raw materials, health care products, functional foods, natural cosmetics, pet food and other natural product brands and distributors were gathered to discuss new formats and new developments in the natural health product industry. progression stage.

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VegeGel will be shared at the conference-"The Innovative Application of VegeGel VegeGel Plant Capsules in Probiotic Products", discussing the new application directions of probiotic products, presenting new formulations and new products of starch vegetable glue, and providing you with the industry Cutting-edge solutions.

Key product display—VegeGel Little Pink Bean

Innovate product form and enhance product experience; 7mm powdered beans, fruit flavor, Q elastic softness; patented starch vegetable glue technology; taste, volume, formula, function and other aspects can be customized, providing customers with personalized services to help build Innovative explosives with more advantages.


  ——Weight management probiotic Little Pink Bean


Plant starch glue, natural and safer; 3 billion live bacteria per grain, easier intestines; fruit taste, enjoy thinness and more enjoyment; carry a small bag, eat more concisely; eat with meals, a good partner for reducing fat;


  ——Oral health probiotic Little Pink Bean


Natural plant starch glue, parents can rest assured to buy; xylitol substitute sugar, parents can buy with peace of mind; 1 billion live bacteria per tablet, parents happily buy; fruit taste, children actively chew; portable pouch, children use at any time; effective tooth protector, children Have fun eating.

  ——DHA Little Pink Bean


Natural plant starch glue is safer; protects nutritional activity and is more stable; nutritional snacks, children love to eat; portable small bags, let nutrition, everywhere.

Looking forward to your coming to the booth to witness and experience more high-quality products of Sutan. We will provide you with more intimate consulting services at the venue.

October 21-23, Guangzhou, China.

Guangdong (Tanzhou) International Convention and Exhibition Center.

VegeGel capsule meets you.

2020 Natural Health Products Industry Conference (CNIC)

Booth number: C13

*Part of the list of speakers at this conference, check the pictures to know in advance!

VegeGel capsule.

2020 invites you to participate

October·Guangzhou·2020 Natural Health Products Industry Conference

November·Shanghai·Asia Natural and Nutritional Health Products Exhibition (NHC)

VegeGel capsules provide you with professional plant capsule nutrition solutions, covering a series of OEM and ODM from industry market analysis, rapid registration and filing, product formula development, product packaging customization, product launch assistance, supply chain management, service and support, etc. service.